Why Are We Different?

Our philosophy is to do our utmost to: –

  • Provide a friendly, courteous and efficient service
  • Always exceed your expectations
  • Listen to what you are saying
  • Work collaboratively with you
  • Be honest, truthful and direct with you at all times

We’ll also avoid buzz words, self promotion, social media bragging and general hype that’s prevalent in IT today … it serves no purpose.

About Us

Shalom Consultant Ltd was founded in April 2013. It was formed to improve IT consultancy delivered in the UK in terms of cost, quality and accountability.

We take a long-term view which builds trust and lasting relationships with clients. All work is partner-led and each project is managed in a bespoke manner, taking account of clients’ needs. We use our skills and experience to help bridge the gap between business objectives and the technology that can deliver those objectives … or not as the case may be.

Are willing to take the lead role in positions of responsibility normally performed by the client. We have experience that means we can negotiate and manage suppliers who may not have the client’s vested interests at heart … we do.

We will take decisions (within the overall governance arrangements) and will push for delivery at every possible juncture.

We believe in integrity and commitment to client results.

We are above all else … delivery focused.

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